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rlp. recovery

I'm recovering from RLP. for about 8 weeks.After being
limited to lifting only 5 lbs until 2 weeks, I started doing
a few more house chores.My incisons burned a little
and I felt discomfort in my lower gut when I went to
bed afterwards.It all went away overnight.I do a lot
of heavy lifting and carrying on my truck driving
job. Does anyone think I would be out of line to ask
my Dr. for 3 or 4 more weeks of rehab time before returning to work?

Re: rlp. recovery

I would say that you know your body and limitations better then anyone else. If you are not ready, I would say ask for the extra time. What does it cost the doctor to give you more time? As I see it nothing.

I will have been out for six weeks by the time I see my doctor on 12-15-2008 and have been wondering about taking time off until after 01-01-2009. I feel I am about 65% and do not want to go back to my job until I am 100%

Good luck and keep us updated.

Re: Re: rlp. recovery

I'll be happy to let everyone know how things turn out. My appt. is for Dec.1 @ 8:15. EST. I just don't
feel prepared for the work load and the 12 or 13 hr.
days when I'm released to full duty work. I'ts tough
to "bounce back" At 55 yro. As well as handling the
other side effects of surgery, if you know what I mean.
Thanks to all who have contributed to this website.
Your stories are a true inspiration.
These have been my darkest days, and all of you have been my light at the end of the tunnel.
I will contribute my story when my wife helps me with
my spelling (lol)

God bless all of you,

Re: Re: Re: rlp. recovery

I agree that you should take all the time you need to get to a position where you feel you can cope with all the issues you face.

And, since you'll have nothing to do for the next week or two, get onto your computer and get your story on line - don't waorry about the spelling - i have fixed some bad words in my time: -)

Good luck for your continued recovery.

All the best


Re: Re: Re: rlp. recovery "Tongue in Cheek"

Naw lisen here C Busch me harty. You knows, you gotta story in you matey, and we lads here, wanna ear all bout it. Otherwise we might just row ova to yankee land and "rip your bloody arms off". Now someone famous over ere in OZ said that, but me pour old thinking machine twixt me ears, aint workin real supa dupa today. So it is just me fingers talking to you. And bi the weigh,
paw spellin and gramatical nastys is ok with us lot. 4 U C as wee's livin in OZ, everythin is upside down anyways, so go to it C Busch!!!!!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: rlp. recovery "Tongue in Cheek"

The story is coming soon. I'm putting it down on paper
first. I welcomed in the new millenium in Sydney harbor.And then toured Oz for three weeks.One week on
a motorcycle tour out of Moruya.Great country with
great people,I made alot of friends there. But I know
Aussies are true to their word, so I'll get my story
in while I still have arms.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: rlp. recovery "Tongue in Cheek"

A wise decision methinks!!! Look forward to reading your dissertation.

Re: rlp. recovery

Great news everyone.My doctor agreed to returning to
work after the holidays.She felt gradually increasing
my activities over a few weeks would be more benefical
than jumping right back into the work routine.But the
best news is that my post op psa came back at .01.You
can't ask for a better day than that.
Take Care

Re: rlp. recovery

They said it would be 4-6 weeks before I would be able to go back. I went back in 3, but I have a desk job. I had pain and discomfort when I exerted myself too much in the first few weeks. There was also a little bit of blood in my urine, but it passed (sorry about that). If you can, give yourself as much time as you can afford. The first week back I could only do half-days because I was tired.