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Re: Incontinence Recovery


I had an RP a 2 we bit over 2 weeks ago (24 July 08) and my catheter out 4 days ago. Like you, I leak continuiously while standing, walking etc and again like you, I am dry at night and while sitting.
I would be interested to hear from you (or any one else in a simillar sitiuation) on how your progress has been over the last few months, much improved I trust.
It's good to hear that I am not alone with this.


Tony Stone - Melbourne, Australia.

Re: Re: Incontinence Recovery

Hi Tony,

You are definitely not alone, and, yes things have improved greatly for me. I've finally updated my story ( to chronicle my experience with regaining urinary continence. I won't repeat my story here, but to summarize, 5 months after surgery my day-to-day life is mostly back to normal. I rarely think about urine control and, as a result, I've stopped doing kegels. I only wear a pad when I'm doing home renovations that involve heavy lifting. A heavy lift will cause a small squirt. I still carry a pad and spare underwear whereever I go, but that's only because I haven't bothered to take them out of my backpack.

For me there was no magic, no sudden transition. The journey from no control whatsoever to where I am today was very slow. In the early weeks, I was lucky to have my wife make me think carefully of where I was 1 or 2 weeks previously and recognize that there was some improvement, however small.

Since my original post, I've received e-mail from others whose experience matches mine. I'm sure that yours will too. Remember, any improvement, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. And some days, you will feel like you've gone back a step or two.

Do the kegels. I firmly believe that they helped me.

Good luck,

Re: Incontinence Recovery

Tony what you report is perfectly normal after the op. Dryness comes first at night usually pretty quickly as it has with you. The rest takes longer. How long? How long is a piece of string?

With me it took 4 months to be completely dry and pad free. Even now though a good laugh, cough, sneeze or fart especially after too much alcohol will lead to a small squirt and some dampness but nothing that would show outside. (How much is too much alcohol? How long is a piece of string?)

I did do Keegles but not overmuch although many people on the site swear by them. I think you can over do those at too early a stage and should be careful to moderate them if you feel sore and strained down there.

If only the ED would clear up as quickly as the incontinence. How long is that piece of string?

Ted from England

Re: Re: Incontinence Recovery


Thanks for your reply and words of encouragement. You are right, it has been only 5 days since I had my catheter out and it does take time, four months should go pretty quickly particularly wtih a glass of red or two.
I to am doing the pelvic floor muscle exercises under the guidence of a continence physio. I started these before my operation and I have my first appointment since the operation this afternoon to check progress and technique.
ED, don't even think about it(yet) at 56 I've got a long way to go.
Anyway, all the best and regards

Tony Stone, Melbourne Australia.

Re: Re: Incontinence Recovery

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Re: Re: Incontinence Recovery

I agree with your reply. I have done splunk training and My friend also faced the same issue. Amazing idea.