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Re: Re: urgency

Thanks TV.

Ya know after i wrote that message i started to track when i had the urge the most and found that before a bowel movement or passing gas was one of the worst times. Even after the BM the urge continues but not as bad.

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Replying to:

I once had a urethral catheter after a surgery for a torn knee cartilage and it did exactly the same thing of giving me the impression that I had to go to the bathroom but it was a bowel movement. I was lucky in that I only needed it a short time because I had a spinal and the bladder area is the last to get muscle control. The end of the catheter tube projects out from the tiny water-filled balloon and this end can tickle the bladder wall or even put pressure on the rectal wall as it did to me. Unfortunately, the nurse wanted to leave it in longer than necessary so that is how I discovered that unpleasant sensation of constantly needing to go to the bathroom. The second time I had to be cathetered it lasted five days and I did not experience the same problem. This is the result of a smaller width of catheter. The smaller widths create less problem. Changing your body position in sitting and lying to find a more confortable one will help to reduce your discomfort.

Re: urgency

I had surgery on 4/8 and had the catheter out two days ago . Yes I felt like I had to pee. I had that thing in for two eeks and it was literally a pain i the you know what.