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Re: Re: Re: Penis discomfort.

I am 10 weeks post op(de venci) Dr. Fagin Autin,Tx
I have had constant pain in the pelvic floor to the point of not being able to do kegels. Dr. tells me I should not have this problem and did nothing. I have had pain in the tip of my penis and a swollen urethra. Dr. finally gave me some Levaqun-did nothing. Later prescribed Augmentin. No help. I researched the internet and determined I had a yeast infection. Called Dr. and got RX for Diflucan-2 doses. Took those had relief for 24 hours and it came back. Itch like crazy and constant burning. Found a post for using Monostat-7 with vinegar. Got some mixed it up and put it on my penis. It stated to work almost immediately. 24 hours later I am almost sympton and pain free. Being a pharmacist help my research.

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I'm eight weeks out. While I didn't have spasms I initially felt the stream was insufficient. What I've found though is volume plays a part. When possible I wait til it's somewhat urgent. Of course you can't do that in the mall but at home or even work where a bathroom is near. It seems that if the amount is sufficient then I'm much less uncomfortable. It's actually going like I remember when I was 20. Give that a shot. Lastly, I did have some burning but you'll see that it diminishes. It did for me.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Penis discomfort.

Iam almost three weeks post op. I still have some slight pain at the end of the penis I think this was caused by the catheter being in for two weeks. I do spray a little and thats probably because I pee whenever I feel the urge so I don't have to worry about allowing my bladder to get to full. I am pretty much continent except when my wife surprises me and I laugh or when I have to pass gas and use the same muscles all at once. I have a little pain in my pelvic floor also. But its not bad. I was virtually pain free until I got home and started to heal. I get little twinges here and there and I really get tired quickly. Riding in a car makes me bounce around iand it does not feel comfortable.