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Quality or Orgasms

I had my first erection five days post op nerve sparing. The catheter was still in. It was just the beginning and I could not wait until the catheter was out.
When it was out my erections were good but not as firm as pre op. My orgasms felt good but not as “earth shattering” as before. I reached a plateau for about two weeks. I am now about 45 days post op. In the last week my erections have become much firmer and easier to maintain. At first they would fade rather quickly. Now I remain firm even “hands free”. Also my orgasms are as intense as pre op and I get that pleasurable “body shake” with the first spasm of six or seven spasms. I have noticed that the firmer the erections the more intense the orgasms.
My wife and I have not been shy about indulging our fantasies. When we have sex she wears what she knows I like and tells me what I love to hear. This is very important and will do wonders. Please try it with your wife or lover. I take no prescription drugs for any illnesses and am in good health for my 59 years. I do take a multivitamin and a baby aspirin each day. I just started taking L-Arginine each day as I read it helped with nitric oxide to relax blood vessels and has been called the natural Viagra. I cannot say for sure but I have had much improved blood flow to my penis since taking it. I have found wearing a properly fit rubber O ring at the base of my penis helps. I even wore this prior to surgery. It must be snug but not too tight. It must expand slightly as the erection expands.
PSA was 4.7, Gleason score 6, Biopsy one sample out of 12 1% cancer, Prostate removed with nerve sparing on 3/5/08, cancer appeared to have remained in the prostate per pathology report. Erections and orgasms caused a little pain at first buy seem pain free now.