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Questions that I should ask md at 1st post op appointment

I just had my robotic done on 4/8/08 and will be have a follow up appt on 4/16/08. Need advice about what to specifically ask my surgeon at this appt. I already know my path reports (contained and neg margins), but want to know what else I should discuss while there.
thanks in advance

Scott anderson

Re: Questions that I should ask md at 1st post op appointment

It's been 9 months ago for me, but come to mind several. How to work on gaining urinary control, including how soon to begin Kegels. When to start Levitra or some other pill to regain erections. I don't know about your exercise and physical activity habits, but ask specifics about the time when it is ok to restart those. Ask when to do your first postop PSA tests, and recommended schedule thereafter. Also I would just ask if he could share any observations with you regarding the actual surgery. Just letting him know that you are interested in anything that he encountered specific to you.