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Re: Undergarments

I am 6 days post op and am having the cath removed tomorrow. The most beneficial garment I found was basketeball pants. The snap up the side allows dumping the day bag very easy. Get a size that is a little bigger in the waist than normal for you will be bloated. By day 6 they they wll be loose. You dont need any pads with the catheter. Make sure you get a catheter with an adhesive wire tie on the side. This holds the tubing fixed to the leg so there is no pulling on the penis. When you sit on the toilet you may need to loosen it so it does not pull on, Yup. No big deal at all. You will get the hang of it. My catheter never hurt or was never a problem. Before surgery get it on the right or left leg depending on which side of the bed your on. I had mine on the left. I then put my night bag in a bucket on my side of the bed. You can then sleep on your back or left side. Cant sleep on the right this way nor on your stomach of course. Think about some ropes in good places to get you up from like the toilet, bed, chair or couch. Once your up you'll be fine but getting there early on takes some work. I used briefs for support of my scrotum. They say to expect your sack to swell and get black and blue. Mine did not so far but would not be a surprised. The extra support helps if yours do. Have both on hand.

Good luck and God Bless, your in my prayers.