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Erection five days after surgery !!

I had the surgery the first week of March. After the surgery my
doctor said it all went well and when asked about the nerve sparing
he said he made every attempt to avoid the nerves. He said time will
tell. Well, five days after the surgery, I was in bed with my wife
Kim. Just before waking I had what you could call an erotic dream. A
pain in the base of my penis woke me up and I found I was getting an
erection. I had to will the erection down because of the pain. The
discomfort was either from the catheter still in my penis or the
stitches in my euretha where it was cut to remove the prostate and
reattached. Kim I were both thrilled when I woke her and told her
what happened. I have had several other erections since but I have to
be careful to keep them minimal due to the possibility of causing
damage. I go next week to get the catheter out.
As the doctor told me "time will tell", but I am optimistic that I
will remain potent. He said recovery of sexual function is improved
by when having the surgery a man is younger and has had good sex in
the past.
A loving and understanding partner also increases the chances of
regaining the ability to have an erection. If she is beautiful and
sexy as Kim is also helps !!!
More good news came to Tuesday from my doctor when he said an
examination of the removed prostate revealed no cancer on the outside
and no radiation will be required because there is no evidence of it
spreading to other areas.

Re: Erection five days after surgery !!


What can I say? What can we all say?.....BUT..


Great news.

Very Best Wishes,



Re: Erection five days after surgery !!

That's good news, indeed Bob. Early spontaneous erections are certainly predictive of a good recovery in most cases.

You are also right to take things easy at this stage. I had one man who told his story on the Yana site (and thank you for your story which will be loaded today or tomorrow) who had early erectile function and started using it. He did a considerable amount of damage to the stitched bladder/urethra area - the muscles used in orgasm are pretty powerful.

Good luck once everything has healed.

Terry in Australia

Re: Erection five days after surgery !!

This is a great result although a little inconvenient considering you still have a catheter.

I have also retained potency after almost 7 months of Lupron and a full course of external radiation. This is without the aid of pharmaceuticals. I did have one failed attempt but the next was successful.
This is something my doctor called "remarkable".

Unfortunately, I have experienced some pain along with the erections. Kind of feels like something is being stretched that no longer wants to stretch.

In any case I am hopeful that this is a good indication that potencey will be retained for the long term.

Good luck,

Tony - USA

Re: Erection five days after surgery !!


Congratulations too.

I regained mine after 30 months of ADT, and the relief I felt was overwhelming.

Vaigra and/or Cialis may have kept a lot of us going through those long months, but I'm sure we were all afraid that the hormone treatment might have ended our ability to have erections without the help of drugs. I can tell you it was a real fear for me.

However, I was lucky, but it often makes me wonder whether the deep anxiety we go through can in many cases affect a PCa patient's ability to get an erection easily....the fear of failure actually hindering the full recovery process.

Sorry about this awful "punny" ending to my post.... I can't think of anything to say but:

Onwards and UPwards,

Dont let anxiety keep IT down!



Re: Erection five days after surgery !!

Thank you to all who who gave me best wishes. And thank you Terry for posting my experience in the forum. I am improving daily. Still somewhat sore where the prostate was removed, but blood flow to the penis is getting even better. The catheter and my staples are out giving me much more freedom. I am in awe as to how well my erections have returned. I was so depressed in the time leading up to and just after the surgery. But waking up 5 days later with an erection has changed my life.