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prostate cancer and your insurance

Because I have been a disabled person for a few years I have Title 19 (Medicaid) insurance. This type of insurance will pay for almost any medical problem including medications, dental and eye glasses. There is some co-payment. The problem is Medicaid will only pay up to so much for any proceedure. I think I have prostate cancer. During a consultation with a local surgen he told me the course of treatment would be radiation therapy. I had not had a biopsy only a higher than normal PSA test result. After doing some research I now believe the doctor choose that treatment baised soley on how much money I am able to pay. I know there are better alternatives for treating prostate cancer. But, they are also more expensive. The adverse side-effects of radiation therapy are worse than the cancer. Plus healthy organs near the prostate can be damaged and/or can become cancerous. Concidering there are other treatment available I feel I am being discriminated against because of my financial standing. The doctor and hospital will get more money than I can pay them, but even if I offer to pay some also I will violate a condition of the Medicaid insurance. I know my case is not unusual. There are too many people that cannot afford health care and either sell all they have and/or end up dead. For some reason all of this doesn't seem morally or ethically right. In the 21st century does the "bottom line" for everything, including life, be money?

Re: prostate cancer and your insurance

Unfortunately, money is the bottom line. Good luck and I'll pray for you. Dave

Re: prostate cancer and your insurance


First off, calm down. Just having an elevated PSA level DOES NOT mean you have cancer. There are many causes for elevated levels including infection and BPH. No doctor should recommend any course of action until you have a confirmed diagnosis of something. If you have an infection, PSA will go down after antibiotics. BPH can also be treated.

Do not worry about "if". If you have a biopsy and you have PCa, look at the options. I do not believe there is any great difference in cost between surgery and radiation. Both have risks and side effects. I do not believe there is any great difference between them. Read the stories on this website for the experiences of people who have undergone the different procedures. If it is cancer and it is early and low grade, there is Active Surveillance as a very good option. Just because you have a diagnosis of PCa does not mean you have to have surgery or radiation.

You have to know more before you worry about what can and can not be done.

Finally what is your age and your PSA level. If you seek advice the more info you feel comfortable giving, the better answers you can get.

Good Luck to you.


Re: Re: prostate cancer and your insurance

Thank you very much for your input. I believe you are correct.