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PSA Junkies


There are men with prostate cancer
who at the same time are suffering
from another disease, for example
from heartfailure after an infarction.
As a consequence they may have poor
performance, shortness of breath,
edemas amongst others. You have
prostate cancer but you feel heart
failure. Only some feel prostate
cancer, for example in case of urinary
obstruction or the few who reach the
end stage of metastatic prostate
cancer. The main cause of feeling
prostate cancer however are doctors
with their interventions causing
incontinence, impotence, rectal
bleeding and a bunch of other

I was involved with a heart patient,
who was also diagnosed with prostate
cancer. Sick as a dog, he still could
sheer when his PSA had declined 0,1
ng/ml and he could be in bitter sorrow
when there was a PSA increase of 0,1
ng/ml. Having only a few months to
live he kept being immersed in
calculations of trends, doubling times,
correction on doubling times and
parallel to this trend-calculations
of free PSA's which he tried to
correlate with the bigger picture
of total PSA. When I adressed his
heart disease and tried to relativate
his prostate cancer, he was bored.
He was engaged in fierce PSA
discussions on the internet until
the end of his life.

In many cases prostate cancer is a
hobby-disease. Pleasure in playing
with numbers and fascination with
spreadsheets makes it a wild
experience for some. It's like a

This game can get out of control.
The aforementioned heartpatient died
happily with the knowledge that his
PSA was declining. However there are
also men who succeed with their
spreadheet calculations in hand
to seduce their doctors to perform
radiation- preferently with a dose
as high as possible- ending up with
radiation colitis. This is no fun
certainly not when the PSA still
keeps rising.

I hope you enjoyed reading and
please close your spreadsheet for
a while....

Best regards,

Henk Scholten
The Netherlands

Re: PSA Junkies


I do find the part about seducing the doctor to irradiate you rather amusing. Most docs do not need anymore than a hint of PCa to zap it to you. No seduction is needed


Re: PSA Junkies

Only a person without PCa and one who does not feel nor fully understand the psychological immplications, could not understand his obsession with his readings