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Re: We Dairy-Free Bunch

Hi Tony,

Yes, it must be a big problem for you over in the US.
We Brits stare wide-eyed at the sheer size of the portions there, and the high, high calorie content!

Frankly, eating out, for me, is pretty restrictive too. To be on the safe side I almost always choose something plain and simple...salad and baked potato. Boring? Yeaaahhhh! But it fills me and serves the pupose I suppose.

One thing about all our large food stores though...they are starting to have many more sections solely for "Free-from" from lactose, or gluten etc etc and are now stocking a lot more organic produce, so self-catering is very easy.

Guess you are doing the very best you can despite the hurdles in your way. Keep at it, Tony, I'm sure diet plays a massive part in combatting the cancer.

Very Best Wishes,


Re: We Dairy-Free Bunch

Tony, beware of fish. Luckily I live in Alaska where the wild fish is relatively untainted by contaminants and they contain no additives. Besides the butter, most farm raised fish is not that different from red meat because of what it is fed and the antibiotics and such that are released in the water. Much of our tilapia, catfish, and other fresh water species are now raised in China and the goal is production weight irregardless of methods. I know of some fish markets/restaurants in Arizona that intentionally mislabel fish as being from wild stocks or even lie about the species. Many of our waterways are now polluted so catching and eating your own are not always a healthy choice anymore. Good fish is expensive and when you buy it make sure the dealer is trustworthy and can give you an accurate picture of where it came from. - (Alaska, USA)