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It pays to get a second opinion. . .

DX with PC 1/24/08. Went to the City of Hope to see Dr.Kawatchi. Pre-op complete a week later and scheduled for surgery on 2/26/08. Got a call from Kawatchi on 2/18/08: "David, our pathologists at the City of Hope looked at your slides from you biopsy. . .you do not have prostate cancer." Kawatchi referred me to Dr. Duke Bahn in Ventura, CA (2 hours from my house) who'll do a color doppler ultrasound. I see him on 3/19/08. It detects increased blood flow in the prostate which may indicate cancerous tumors. He'll biopsy that spot as opposed to randomly taking 12-15 "chunks" out of my body. If that happens, this will be my THIRD biopsy. "If you have prostate cancer, he'll find it" Dr. Kawatchi states. I'm not in the clear yet, but it was better than the alternative.

Re: It pays to get a second opinion. . .

Congratulations David and I hope I can say that again when you get the results from the doppler ultrasound.

Re: It pays to get a second opinion. . .

I'm waiting...

Re: It pays to get a second opinion. . .

Phred-"I'm waiting" meaning, the results of the doppler were NEGATIVE. Soooo,
I'm waiting for those congratulatory words :-) Dave

Re: It pays to get a second opinion. . .

Sorry David ... haven't been on this site for a couple of days ...

Congratulations ... again!!!