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What clothing to wear

I am scheduled for davinci surgery in april and was wondering what types of clothing would be good for the time that I will havethe foley catherder in. I was gonna pick sweat pants, but decided against that as there is no access for the foley, shorts? and what about boxers or briefs while I havethe catherder?

Re: What clothing to wear

I wore sweat pants Scott. The catheter will be taped to the inside of your leg. I had a large bag that they hung on the side of the bed in the hospital, I did the same at home a t night. Also they gave me a smaller leg bag that I attatched to my leg just above the knee held in place with velcro.The tube from for catheter will go under through the leg of which ever type of shorts you wear. Foe me, the whole catheter thing was no big deal. It did leak a bit where the tube came out. I was concerned about that at first, but it is normal. I bought pads to wear that stick on the inside front of your underwear. Those soaked up any leakage. You will need the pads when the catherter is removed anyway. Hope this helps. Email me if you need any further info. I had the DaVinci surgery Jan. 24th 2008

Re: What clothing to wear

To clarify a bit Scott, the tube from the catheter was long enough to go out the bottom of my seat pants for the night bag. The day bag was taped to my leg. You can not even tell there is a catheter or bag present when wearing the small day bag. I was able to walk around the neighborhood daily.

Re: What clothing to wear


There is a list of useful items for RP on the Yana site at This might include items that are not strictly speaking neccesssary for a Da Vinci procedure, but I hope you find it helpful.

Long time survivor wrote a humorous but useful guide to handling a Catheter which you can read at

Good luck for your surgery

All the best

Terry in Australia

Re: What clothing to wear

I wore boxers while the catheter was in, and boxer briefs for another couple of weeks after that (found them more comfortable than briefs). I slept in boxers only because of the large overnight bag (which I stored in a clean garbage pail on the floor next to the bed). During the day I wore sweatpants for the most part since my surgery was in winter but I think flannel sleep pants would be very good as well. Just make sure that your sweatpants cuff is stretchy enough to pull out by around 2-3" along one side so you can pull it up to empty the small bag.