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How low should testosterone levels fall on hormone therapy?

I have now been on Lupron injections for 6 months.
I had a lab test for PSA and testosterone two days ago.
The PSA was about what I expected but my testosterone was higher than I thought it would be at 11.08

My question is, when Hormone therapy is applied, what is the target level for testosterone?
Do the doctors want to pull it down as far as possible or is there a range they are working toward?

Re: How low should testosterone levels fall on hormone therapy?

I have been on leuprolide for 16 mos. now and haven't worried about getting my T level checked. From my info the decrease in T should be in the 90% range. If normal leves were, say 200 to 400, then it would seem that you would fall into the "chemically castrated" range. I think the important factor is the PSA reading, which in my case was 29, 5.9 three mos. into treatment, 2 after EBRT, and then down to undectable after brachy. It has stayed there since.
Why haven't I worried about getting my T checked - side effects like extreme hot flashes, fatigue,initial shrinkage of the prostate, and loss of body hair from the neck down tell me its doing its thing. Without CBT there will be T present as the adrenals continue to produce it albeit in far lesser quantities than the testicles. I wouldn't worry about your reading, focusing more instead on PSA in your stage of treatment. - Pat (Alaska, USA)

Re: Re: How low should testosterone levels fall on hormone therapy?

You should have Your T checked ,It should be below 32 according to a recent study.
Dr Strum says below 20 , general Oncologist say below 50 and the study says below 32.
To Quote Dr Strum "A Dr putting a Patient on Testosterone inactivating Pharmacueticals like Lupron and not measuring the T is Like a Dr putting a diebetic on insulin and not measuring glucose