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Dealing with the Brain Dead in the Medical Establishment

It has now been roughly six months since my original diagnosis. Those that have read my story know that my PSA was very high at that time. I have been on Lupron since late August of last year, and completed external radiation just three weeks ago.
In all that time no one has shown any interest in doing further PSA tests.
My urologist says there is no point and that any reading is meaningless until several months after radiotherapy is completed.

Nevertheless, I went to a local clinic two days ago because I became very ill and seemed to have the Flu.
The physician wanted to do blood tests to identify the exact nature of the illness.

At that point, I made a specific request.
"Since you are going to stick me anyway, take enough blood to do a PSA test. I have prostate cancer and I am interested in monitoring the progress of my treatment".
This was agreed and written on my chart to call with the results.

On the way out I spoke to the nurse and reminded her to call me with the PSA results.
She said "If your results are normal, we normally don't call".
I reiterated my reasoning and explained politely that this was not a screening.
I want to know the result.
She promised to call me personally.

Two days and no phone call.
I return to the clinic and speak to yet another individual to request my result.
She disappeared for a few moments and returned with the number (.84) written on a sticky note.

"He said that your PSA is fine, if you must know the exact number, here it is, but below 2.0 is normal and you are perfect".

"So I don't have cancer"?


"Thanks for curing me because I had it when I came in here".

Tony - USA

Re: Dealing with the Brain Dead in the Medical Establishment

I'd say it was well past the time when you should have tried to find a medical team who are more interested in your welfare.

I always thought this was a significant quote from Dr Strum: "Unfortunately, we appear to be living in a time when physician income is more important than patient outcome."

Re: Dealing with the Brain Dead in the Medical Establishment

Good quote Terry.

Tony ... my Oncologist told me to have the PSA checked about six or eight weeks following radiation treatment.

No one seemed really concerned about it. I'm going back to my GP next month and get it checked ... or the month after, doesn't really matter to me cause even if it didn't work, I doubt I'd go thru that course of treatment again.

All I wanna do now is pee without pain. Maybe someday.