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Re: Re: Megace is the miracle...

I have had your identical side effects, especially the ravenous appetite and early morning leg discomfort. The only reason I consider it my miracle is due to the many weeks of horror I endured with the flash/chills occuring five times per hour, twenty four hours per day. I never had more than an hour or two of consistent sleep for weeks and weeks.
I now exercise indoors twice daily on a treadmill [winter here on Cape Cod] with the aid of three pound arm weights.
After my first bottle of 30 pills that I take at the rate of one per day my flashes have nearly disappeared entirely.
I was aware that Megestrol is a steroid hormone and knew of some mortality issues, but considering my previous condition I thought it worth the risk.
I continue to jokingly tell of being convinced that prostate cancer treatment is a medical establishment device to make one so miserable that we won't mind dying.

Re: Megace is the miracle...

I started using a stationary bicycle for my leg discomfort. No matter what time of day discomfort happens, I jump on it for a couple minutes and the discomfort goes away. Doctor says the effects of this are cumulative and I'm currently going at a rate that averages 15 miles/day!

Re: Re: Megace is the miracle...

I am far too fatigued, exhausted and weak to do anywhere near the amount of exercise you do on a daily basis. Walking up the grade from my mailbox, some 50 feet, leaves me panting.