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Being accepted as new patient at LLU

I just spoke with LLU and was told they are full, that I should call back on March 3rd. I"m assuming that this is not uncommon? Any suggestions?
I called without being referred by an MD.


Re: Being accepted as new patient at LLU

By chance I have had two people mailing me about not being able to get treatment at Loma Linda. I mailed Fuller Jones (his story can be read at ) to ask him if he knew what was going on, since he is a great believer in Loma Linda. This is in part what he said:

My understanding is that they have been inundated with applications and are now running from two to three months behind for consult appointments. The backlog is that long, so they are attempting to try to catch up before accepting new appointments for consultations leading to treatment. I suspect that part of the problem is that they were installing a new robotic positioning system in one of the three gantry treatment rooms, and this then put them behind.

If someone wants to try, I would suggest calling the 1-800-PROTONS number starting at or just before 8:00 am Pacific time on Monday March 3, to see if the "March" thing is real, or if they will put off again.

In the mean time, if one is going to travel anyway, I know for a fact that as of last month anyway, the new Univ. of Florida Shands Center at Jacksonville is accepting appointments for consults.

MGH at Boston has cut back on prostate cancer treatment with protons, and apparently has now adopted the M. D. Anderson Center at Houston tactic in not accepting "high-risk" (GS 8 and above?) prostate patients. I don't know about the Univ. of Indiana Center (MPRI) at Bloomington Indiana, but will attempt to find out.

I suspect that until the new centers start coming on line toward the end of 2009 and then 2010, this situation (getting an appointment) will continue to get worse.

I have now a total of four friends, one a close friend of over 40 years, that have completed treatment at Jacksonville. His was a Gleason 9, with high PSA, and had a combo of protons and Chemo, with some ADT in the mix also. He is doing well at this point. All impressed with the facility, although housing is more of a problem than Loma Linda.

Indiana is centrally located, a college town, and may be a good bet. Just my thoughts.

Hope this helps,

Terry in Australia

Re: Re: Being accepted as new patient at LLU

Thanks Terry, that was very helpful. I'll try LLU again on Mar 3rd as everything I've read points to them as the most experienced and therefore the top rated. (That's a question)

Re: Re: Re: Being accepted as new patient at LLU

Yes. (That's an answer :-)