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Re: My husband's story can anyone give their opinion

Good to hear from you, and I find I do have some thoughts that I would like to share. Also, I suggest that you use google on Predominant treatment failure.
This study shows how unlikely that metastasis has occurred already in cases like ours. As well as other things. And I also want to point out that bone scans and such generally are revelatory of cancer only when the PSA is much higher than that of your husband. So why chase after that reassurance.
From my experience and my surgeon's (Butler at Waukesha Memorial) comments it is very valuable to get continence back before radiation. So work on that and I think you will want radiation thereafter, and I think you are quite likely to get good help from it. But I don't think you should wait any longer than you need for continence. At your time stage this is typically called salvage radiation instead of adjuvant radiation, terminology wise. It is the last chance for a cure, but best to use that chance when the cancer is as small as possible. The only negative that I have read is that one analysis of study data like the one I cite has shown that radiation efficacy is best when there was a positive margin at surgery.
Feel free to dialogue directly with me if I can be of any help. I understand the emotional burden as well as the information I learned from my reading. My wife was a huge help when I was new to this cancer.

Re: Re: My husband's story can anyone give their opinion

Don't rule out proton therapy, which my husband successfully completed at Loma Linda University Medical Center last Oct., more than two years after his radical prostatectomy with "negative margins." A body scan showed microscopic cells in the prostate bed and he was a candidate for proton therapy at Loma Linda. There are at least 6 other places in the states who offer this wonderful treatment.
NO SIDE EFFECTS. The protons are precisely targeted to the cancer cells and the healthy tissue is spared.
Please e-mail me if you wish to know more about this, or go to Loma Linda University Website or its support groups website (just Google "Brotherhood of the Balloon."

Re: My husband's story cn anyone give their opion

If you want information on Proton Beam, click the link - you might find it worthwhile checking the all the links on this section of the Yana site, including the stories of men who have had the treatment.

Terry in Australia

Re: My husband's story cn anyone give their opion

Since this thread has popped up again I thought I'd share with you all our lastest situation. At 6 months post op my husband's PSA came back at .3. Urologist suggested to wait another 3 months and if it went up to see a radiation oncologist. This bought us some time with his incontinence. He is down to one pad a day so that is better. Well it doubled to .7 in those 3 months. Yuck! We met this week with the Rad Onc and he feels we still have a window for a cure. We did have a bone scan prior to the visit but the hospital messed up the report so it was not available at our 1st visit. Very frustrating. We did decide to have further testing and he will have another CT scan and also a proctoscint. Also will proceed with radiation plans while these tests are being done. He feels a sense of urgency to begin the process because of the PSADT. I'm sure if the scans come back for mets we'll stop the radiation plans. His cancer does seem to be aggressive doesn't it? I have read alot lately on how important that doubling time is to ones prognosis. We're pretty scared as you can imagine.
It is not what we had hoped for but need to focus on something positive somehow. Summer is around the corner. That's good news right!
Take care everyone.