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The Pump for dealing with erectile issues after surgery

OK, I looked through the forums and saw the section on erectile dysfunction but I didnt find anything about a Pump (sounds more like a small Shop Vac to me). I saw my urologist/surgeon yesterday and he recomnends this pump. Said I would need to use it once a day to get the blood flowing to the spongy cells so they dont dry out (but he didnt say for how long!) Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has any experience with this thing.

Re: The Pump for dealing with erectile issues after surgery


There are some good resources on the Internet. Try the late Robery Young’s Phoenix 5 site at and also Aubrey Pilgrim’s book at - download Chapter 18 and see from page 13 onwards.

You might like to join one of the Mailing Lists – a number are shown on the link from the Resources page on the Yana website. PPML and Prostate Cancer Support between them have more than 2,000 members and a number of them have used and still use VEDs.

Good luck

Terry in Australia

Re: The Pump for dealing with erectile issues after surgery

I have used two pumps since my surgery Oct 07.
One is the Bonro Pump and the other is the Osbon ErecAid Esteem Manual Vacuum Erection System. One is good for maintenance, the other is better for sexual activity. Both do the same thing, create a vacuum so the penis becomes engorge with blood like it used to. It takes a bit of time to become proficient with them and practice is necessary. But they do work and it helps recovery. Basically you need to use this until nocturnal erections return. Its the old use it or lose. The nocturnal erection are natures way to make sure things don't "dried out" or become atrophied.
And you thought it was so you didn't wet the bed!!

Re: Re: The Pump for dealing with erectile issues after surgery

Thanks for the reply. I am wondering how long I need to use it (forgot the one my MD told me about but I go on Mar 6 to "Talk to the rep"). My MD said that it was to be used until the nerves come back and to keep the little spongy guys from drying out. I am single so the sex thing isnt an issue but I assume it will be down the gotta keep the little guys from drying out..permanently!
Thanks again. I will update you on the machine. I just remember that it cost $400.

The Bonro is about $185.00

Tell them you are not covered under insurance. They have a non-prescription model, I asked what the difference was and it was miniscule. Easy to use!

Re: The Pump for dealing with erectile issues after surgery


Did your doc also give you viagra? I'm now 1 year post RRP and have been taking 25mg of viagra nightly. I never got headaches from the viagra although I've had a stuffy nose for a year now and initially I found some light sensitivity - the side effects would have to be very severe before I decided against taking it. Although I'm at the point where I can get a 6-10 erection probably 95% of the time (not that I really consider a 6 adequate for sex) I still don't have nocturnal erections (hope they come back someday). There's probably more activity there at night then there used to be, but nothing like it used to be. Does that ability to have a spontaneous or nocturnal erection ever come back?


Re: Re: The Pump for dealing with erectile issues after surgery

He mentioned Viagra and told me that I could have some samples but I forgot to ask him for them. When he started talking about the Pump I just forgot about everything else. So far no night erections. He talked about getting the sensitivity back and the blood flow back but again, no timetable. The nerves still seem to be functioning (my only evidence is when I take a shower!!) but thats about it. I am really not that fond of the idea of taking Viagra every night if that is what I have to do. If I was still married to my Ex, then I would definately be doing that...but as a divorced man, I don't need to have an erection every night UNLESS I need to do that for a period of time so that the spongy cells don't dry up. Its only been 6 weeks since the surgery so I am still new to this game but I have a few questions for my next appointment! Like I said, I go see the Demo of the Pump in a couple of weeks but I have read on the forum and places where some guys have two pumps, one for therapy and one for right before intercourse, and then those who bought a cheap one at Walgreens (cheap meaning $200 as opposed to $400 for this one I am going to see).

As far as if the nocturnal erection coming back, I dont know. So far it hasnt for me but I'm the new guy on the block!!!


Not to shoot a dead Horse but

Theraputic Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra) increases blood flow to fine capillaries. It was use for impotence was actually discovered by accident. During medication trials as an aid for people with heart disease, almost every male in the test group came back after taking the medication and commented on the fact that it really increased or enhanced erections. Eureka!! The reason one takes it nightly is to maintain blood supply to the fine tissue while you are healing. The pump does the additional work, so its recommended you do the two together. Once in the morning and once at night, sounds like a lot of work I know but you get into a routine. Funny but I do it while brushing my teeth, always have been a multi-tasker.

Sildenafil Citrate is not covered under any insurance I have found. The most economical way to acquire the medication is have your Dr prescribe 100 mg tablets, then purchase a pill cutter from your pharmacy and divide into four pieces. That way your are getting the dose of 25mg daily.

You can also purchase the medication through Canadian Pharmacy on the web for about 1/5 you pay in the US.

Re: Not to shoot a dead Horse but

OK, that helps. My Urologist didnt talk about using both but I will ask him when I go for the DEMO!!

Thanks again