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Sorry to say I'm in a bit of a hurry this morning, and in any event I was pleased to see that you are calmly examining your options.

Can I suggest that you go along to and print off this excellent piece on Active Surveillance which may help your good lady wife to be a litt;e less apprehensive, although my experience is that even after the best part of 12 years my wifer is still concerned.

I'll post more URLs when I have a moment.

Good luck,

Terry in Australia.

Re: Re: AS,WW

Thanks for the information. I have a PSA recheck next week and I will see how it goes. I dont think the PSA will change to any great degree and if so this will help things at home. I told my wife I will look at options closer should PSA rise to about 9. Since it has been 4-5.5 over the last several years, I believe it will be quite a bit before I have to worry too much about it.


Re: Re: Re: AS,WW

Here is another side of the coin. At age 59 I had a psa of 4.1 (Dr. sent me to a urologist for a consult). He recomended a biopsy. Report came back positive for PC. I had no symptoms and a negative rectal exam.
Dr. thought surgery appropriate and after investigating my options we went ahead. "Thank-Goodness"
Final path report showed seminal vesicle invasion.
Have also had some salvage radiation. I can only imagine what would have happened if I had waited. Turns out the cancer was more aggressive than the biopsy showed.
Just something to think about.
Best of luck.

Re: Re: Re: Re: AS,WW

Thanks for the reply. I will continue to monitor closely. Just had PSA done today. If nothing changes I will continue AS.

Re: Re: Re: Re: AS,WW

John could you tell me how many of your biopsy samples were positive and what percent of each sample was positive.