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My Gleason was a 3+3 for a 6.


I was dxed 11 years ago. Did AS for four years before having RP. I organize and run support groups in Israel and am amazed how many men are forced into having treatment for PCa by their wives. These same wives phone me a year or so after treatment in one hell of a state. Their husbands cannot cope with the side effects and the marraige is falling apart.

AS in my opinion is well worth trying. Find a good uro who will support your route, have a DRE every six months and a PSA. I suggest you visit my website;

Terry Herbert did AS for many years. If I remember correctly he was dxed around the same age as you are now. Go to the Mentors section to get some ideas. This might help convince your wife that prostate cancer is not a death sentence.

Good luck

Lenny Hirsch

Re: Re: AS,WW

Shalom Lenny:

Thanks for the information. I think my wife is coming around. I have promised that I will keep a very close watch and should things change, I will take action. If it stays the same, I am going to wait it out. I keep seeing new treatment options such as one in Florida focal cryoablation I think-male lumpectomy which sounds promising. If I have time. who knows what may come along.

Thanks again,

Re: Re: Re: AS,WW

What is this "if I have time" You have all the time a man has in his normal life span. In this game having a positive attitude is one of the best medications. Rememberthat most men die with the cancer and not because of it

Re: Re: Re: Re: AS,WW


When I say If I have time, I am referring to progression of the cancer, not to mortality. I figure at 56 I should have 30-40 years or so, I am not worried about PC getting me. As far as the cancer. if it starts to take off then I will have to look at options, hopefully that wont be for awhile hence if I have time.


I waited

through about 8 years of PSA ranging from 4.2 in 05/97 to 6.3 in 05/04. During the time I had four biopsies and the first was similar to yours (found 3% cancer involvement in only one of 15 samples) but a higher Gleason, and my Urologist recommended waiting while getting PSA done every 4-6 months. When the PSA elevated a bit I repeated the biopsy. Did that twice as PSA went up and down and both biopsies were negative in all 12 samples. Finally, in 11/04 & 12/04 I had the PSA with results of 9.0 and 10.5, Gleason 3+4=7, again only a 3% involvement in one area Left Apex. But given the PSA finally went up 3-4 points my very well thought of Urologist with conservative treatment views (he doesn't over operate and is open to other treatments) felt it was time to stop the waiting and treat the condition. He recommended IMRT (said he would do the operation if I elected to do so) and also recommended I get a second opinion. A radiation oncologist out of Fox Chase (cancer center of expertise in Philadelphia) agreed I was a good candidate for IMRT. So, I went with the IMRT (40 doses), which were completed in 05/05. My PSA has gone down but I still have not reached a nadir of below 1.0, perhaps it will not go there but my Urologist told me that many men do well with a nadir above 1.0 after IMRT as long as the PSA doesn't double or rise rapidly. And, given it has not elevated except for .5 over two PSA's and then dropped .3, we have not elected for adjunct follow-up ADT.

I wish you good luck in your choice. I believe you have time to wait if you are careful and get PSA's done frequently and if the PSA elevates much get another biopsy. But again there are no assurances in our fight. Just remain positive and take it from there. Waiting certainly preserves quality of life - it did for me for several years.




Sorry to say I'm in a bit of a hurry this morning, and in any event I was pleased to see that you are calmly examining your options.

Can I suggest that you go along to and print off this excellent piece on Active Surveillance which may help your good lady wife to be a litt;e less apprehensive, although my experience is that even after the best part of 12 years my wifer is still concerned.

I'll post more URLs when I have a moment.

Good luck,

Terry in Australia.

Re: Re: AS,WW

Thanks for the information. I have a PSA recheck next week and I will see how it goes. I dont think the PSA will change to any great degree and if so this will help things at home. I told my wife I will look at options closer should PSA rise to about 9. Since it has been 4-5.5 over the last several years, I believe it will be quite a bit before I have to worry too much about it.


Re: Re: Re: AS,WW

Here is another side of the coin. At age 59 I had a psa of 4.1 (Dr. sent me to a urologist for a consult). He recomended a biopsy. Report came back positive for PC. I had no symptoms and a negative rectal exam.
Dr. thought surgery appropriate and after investigating my options we went ahead. "Thank-Goodness"
Final path report showed seminal vesicle invasion.
Have also had some salvage radiation. I can only imagine what would have happened if I had waited. Turns out the cancer was more aggressive than the biopsy showed.
Just something to think about.
Best of luck.

Re: Re: Re: Re: AS,WW

Thanks for the reply. I will continue to monitor closely. Just had PSA done today. If nothing changes I will continue AS.

Re: Re: Re: Re: AS,WW

John could you tell me how many of your biopsy samples were positive and what percent of each sample was positive.