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Re: EBRT vs. EBRT + Brachytherapy

I have done further research since my original post.
It appears that the treatment I am receiving is the most appropriate for my circumstances.

An article in the Prostate Cancer Research Institute newsletter states that IMRT alone is better suited if the cancer is suspected to be outside the prostate.

If it may be in the seminal vesicles or prostate bed, a full course of IMRT is indicated. This is also the preferred technique if the patient is to receive "whole pelvic" radiation to include the lymph nodes.

My PSA at diagnosis was very high and my Gleason score was 7. I have received 25 treatments to the pelvic region and 20 more treatments for prostate only boost. The total will be 8100 cGy.

Even with the wider "whole pelvic" fields, the side effects have been minor. Considering how much dosage I am getting that's pretty remarkable.

I guess I am getting what I need, and I'm thankful that I am not experiencing the difficulty that some men get when the seed boost is included.

I just take nothing for granted and insist on knowing exactly what the doctors are doing and why.

Re: EBRT vs. EBRT + Brachytherapy

Good to see you back on WWW, Jack and to read how well you've done over the last ten years.

Just to clarify one point. Although my header said that I would not allow commercials, I don't regard a recommendation from someone, based on their personal experiences as a commercial.

I've altered the header to reflect this, but thanks for mentioning it.

Re: EBRT vs. EBRT + Brachytherapy

Hi Tony,

I think you ARE getting the best possible treatment.
I believe my 37 RT treaments were delivered with total accuracy. I had seminal vesicle and pelvic wall involvement, and like you was high risk....PSA 182, T4 tumour.
Of course, I also had hormone therapy, but all that ended after 30 months, and now, 20 weeks of no meds at all see me with a PSA of still less than 1.0 while my testosterone has risen well, now back in the normal range at 20.

Very Best Wishes,