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Self Cathetering

I started Monday and it went pretty well, the first time. I repeated it later in the day and it was a little more ouch. The third time was ouch and ouch.
Took out over 200 mls each time. I need a little help to understand how this works as far as each time it gets a little more uncomfortable. Does this somehow get any easier? They started me on a red 14 fr size.
Suggested that I do it 4 times per day. OUCH!!
The hurt is getting thru the penis.

Re: Self Cathetering

Are you using a lubricant before you insert the catheter?
If you are, and it is still painful the Dr. may give you a prescription for some Lidocaine jelly.
This is a topical anesthetic which could alleviate some of the discofrt.
A lttle jelly on the tip of the catheter might do the trick.
We use this in the OR during urological prcedure if the patient is awake.
Good luck.

Re: Self Cathetering

Thanks for the response. Yes I'm using KY jel and I've now done it 6 times and It appears my tolerence level is getting better. The discomfort is only as it goes through the penis, that keeps trying to disapear into my stomach. I found the 45 degree angle also helps. I must say that the first couple voids are stingers.

Re: Self Cathetering

After a week of this, I can say that it's getting less of an ouch, only the part going through the penis is sensitive. The straight catheter got to be a problem getting into the bladder. I switched to a coude tip and it went in better.

Re: Self Cathetering

I'm at the 12th time with the coude catheter and I'm finding that getting into the bladder is harder to do. When the catheter gets there I have to press a little harder to enter. This sounds normal to me but does it ever get better or worst?? Any info in this regard would be appreciated.

Re: Self Cathetering

I need help, I'm 3 weeks into this and it's going better but, I still feel the catheter going all the way and it's a little scratcy. I have to empty my bladder every 4 to 6 hours depending how much I drink. My immediate questions are, will the sensitivity get less and will the frequency to empty get to a longer peroid of time. Or is this the way it will be.
Any help or suggestions will be most appreciated.

Re: Self Cathetering

I must be the only guy self cathetering, please somebody must be doing it or know of someone.

Re: Self Cathetering


There is not a huge amount of ‘traffic’ on this site – as you can see, only 160 people at the most have read your thread. Can I suggest two things:

1. you join one of the larger Lists – if you go to Resources on the Yana site and page down you’ll find a link to a page giving a number of Lists. The two I think are really good are PPML, which has a membership of about 1,300 and Prostate Cancer Support, which has about 800. So posting a message there gets to about 2,000 people.
2. The second thing would be to contact Eric Sondeen – read his story at and you will see that he has a lot of experience at self catheterisation.

Good luck

Terry in Australia

Re: Self Cathetering

Thanks Terry

Re: Self Catheterizing

My update is that after 7+ months the procedure has become quite routine. I do it on average 3 times per day and on occision I feel a little scratch from time to time but, mostly it's painless. I have had 2 UTI durning that time, don't know why, it just happened.With the Flomax and Avodart my prostate has reduced in size but,complete voiding on my own is not happening. Seeds will have been in for a year in October. I'm retaining less urnine in my bladder but, still need to do the trick myself as stated above.