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Re: EBRT & Antioxydants

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the replies.
The "Cure du Joure" is funny and I always get a kick out of it.

However, rest assured that my post wasn't about some magical cure.

I never thought of any dietary supplement as cure but rather something that might help to increase the effectiveness of my treatments.
I thought some of them they may confer some benefit and certainly couldn't hurt.

No this wasn't about imaginary cures.

This was me bemoaning the fact that I can't seem to take anything I read seriously.
I am the type of person that likes to be proactive.
When I am faced with a problem I learn as much as I can and then formulate a strategy to deal with it.
However, my efforts in this regard are complicated by too little documented fact and way too much theory and opinion.
What can you do when the best minds and most respected doctors contradict each other at every turn?
Worse, from time to time they seem to contradict themselves.

I suppose I am going to have to start conducting my own clinical trials.
I may start by investigating whether a quart of Tequila each day will lower your PSA.

Re: EBRT & Antioxydants

Even if the quart of tequila doesn't lower your PSA, it may well keep you from worrying about it. That's a plus!!

Re: EBRT & Antioxydants

My Radiation Oncologist requested during a group information session prior to our treatment regimen that we cease taking antioxidants such as licopene at least 24 hours before each session.
He stated that the licopene works by buffering the cancer cells from the healthy cells. Then it actually interferes with the radiation beam hitting the cancer cells.
Sounds as reasonable an explanation as any other to me.
That would also suggest to me to continue to consume antioxidants as a limitive rather than a preventative or curative. I take licopene caps and keep the green tea growers very busy....

Re: Re: EBRT & Antioxydants

Does anyone have more references for this?
I don't take supplements, but drink a glass of pomegranate juice, eat broccoli sprouts and drink a glass of red wine every day...
Scheduled for ext radiation in another month- would like to be clear on this by then...

Thank you,

Health to all!


Re: EBRT & Antioxydants


I have done some research and questioned my oncologist about this.

It is theoretically possible that antioxydants can interfere with the mechanism that radiation uses to kill cancer.

However, it should be stressed that this is only a theory and there have been no studies to prove or disprove this.

There are plenty of doc lining up on both sides of the argument.
In the absence of any proof one way or another, some doctors advise their patients to stay away from antioxydants during radiation, just to err on the side of caution.

My oncologist says he wouldn't worry about what you get in a normal diet.
However, he would not want me to take mega doses of it.


Re: EBRT & Antioxydants

5 - 8 weeks. Antioxidants to reverse a whole lifetime of exposure to nasty chemicals and your genetics. Not enough time to make any difference. Try and plan your "new life" after the RT. RT doesn't last forever and after RT you can make changes that definitely will affect your well being. Then diet, lifestyle, and eating habits might have some long term effects.

Re: EBRT & Antioxydants

Well... just color me frustrated...
Appreciate your responses.
Diagnosed some 3 months ago, and as the bad results have been coming in, one after another, spent some effort improving my diet. Couldn't stop smoking or eating meat... since I didn't do that before... so started concentrating on adding natural anti-oxidants (don't take supplements either...).
Just started to feel that something was improving (to offset the feeling of something being destroyed by the hormone block)... when I read Tony's post...
Guess I'm not built to sit by passively while being attacked.
Maybe I can be healthy by the time radition starts...