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Re: Re: Nothing but time

Do the Kegel's, they helped my husband with after procedure bladder control. He had an RP, but he had the same apprehension as you. His surgery was July 23 (i think, can't believe i don't remember). We looked at the calendar and just focused on the fact that on July 24th, he would no longer be a slave to cancer. That was how we got through it. Life will change after your procedure in many ways. Some good, some not so good, but look at that fact that you were given the opportunity to slay the cancer dragon. You will be surprised just how quickly you heal and how quickly it will a be a part of the past! Look forward, plan your future!

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I very much agree with Lenny and Pat. The best thing to do at this time is relax and get in good shape. Many suggest that you begin practicing our Kegel exercises now. I did and am glad of it.

My experience with robotic surgery in December was very positive. I was home in 24 hours with no pain nor medications...and they removed all the CA while sparing nerves.

The week prior to the operation, I was able to go to the beach and swim and sun as much as possible. It made a big difference in my attitude.

Good luck with your procedure. We will all be there with you in spirit. Richard (Virginia)

Re: Re: Re: Nothing but time

Thanks to everyone that responded. Kegeling is my life and I am walking walking walking. My little voice screaming is quieter in no small part because of fine folks as yourself. I also am mentoring my dear friend who will be meeting my surgeon next week with his apprehension and that helps too. Thanks again for taking the time. It's a big help!

Re: Nothing but time

Hi Phil,
I totally understand what you are going through as I just went through a 3 month waiting period before my RP which was performed last week. It was dicey enough for me to contact my primary care Dr. late on a friday evening back in Dec. He gave me some of the best advice ever, in that I needed to focus on the three main things within my control: Eating, sleeping and staying hydrated. We discussed each of these separately and any issues with them were resolved immediatly (prescription for Ambien as I wasn't sleeping very good). I hope this advice will also assist you.