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Re: prostasol

Hi James King,

I haven't posted for some time but I just got finished my update. My update tells of my limited experience with Prostosol. It's really a coencidence because a clicked to the forum to ask the same question you have asked.

My update, I'm sure has not had a chance to get posted and is a little lengthy as is my whole almost 8 years of PCa.

Briefly, I will tell you that on November 8, 2007 my PSA had riswn to 23.910 on November 17, 2007 I started on Prostosol...three days later on the 20th my PSA had dropped to 12.390 and by the 27th, ten days later it had dropped to 3.980.

Try someone asked a question there - Does Prostosol Work? There were some answers given by some that seemed to have a long to experience with it. Nothing but high paraise and good results. On the other side, one man was very critical calling it a scam.

I can only tell you that it has brought my PSA down to the normal range in 10 days. Side effects have been some enlargement of breast and nipples. If you find out anymore, James, let us know.

God Bless,

Re: prostasol

Jim, I just read the Times online link you referrenced. I found it very interesting and even copied it. I didn't understand the cost, I'm only familiar with American dollars. The cost from my capsiles was $150 for two bottles...80 capsules in each bottle. They came from Mexico.


Re: Re: prostasol

I haven't had time to read all the URLs but i would caution anyone using Prostatsol to be aware of the fact that, like PC-Spes, it's precursor, there may be some risk of thrombosis if it's effect is due to the presence of estrogen compounds.

Re: prostasol

I cannot find any reference to the study (using prostasol) that was to be carried out by professor Tim Oliver preliminary findings were to be published spring 2007.

Re: Re: prostasol

Jim, Did you read my post on Ben L. Pfeifer, M.D. Phd? If you go to that website or link that I gave in this post you will find that transcripts of lectures and videos by Dr. Pfeifer. I was impressed by his findings and test results. His study seems to be very extensive.

Many claim that this is quackery. Maybe Dr. Donsbach, the Dr. I got my PROSTASOL from is a quack. I do not believe the same should be said about Dr. Ben Pfeifer.

Jim, I am also on another discussion board where there has been a good amount of discussion about PROSTASOL you can check it out if you like at:

Best Wishes,


Re: Re: Re: prostasol

Thanks Charlie, very interesting, however as I have just recently been diagnosed with pc I will not be going down the prostasol path just yet.

Re: Re: Re: Re: prostasol

Jim, I don't blame you. It is our prayer, that you will never need to go down that path.

Best Wishes,


Re: prostasol

I have had a DVT and now use warfarin, oils and vitE do not thin sufficiently, regards,c New Zealand

Re: Re: prostasol

Hi Chris,
I have never had a problem with DVT. Does Prostasol always cause thrombosis? Is your Prostasol from Europe or Mexico? I just had some blood work done and my PSA has dropped to 1.97. Had a CBC, complete Blood count and everything OK except for PLATELET which was 112 and the range is 140-440. HCT was 38.9 which was a couple of points below normal range of 41.0-53.0. My Cholesteral was 152, triglycerides 135, HDL 48, LDL 91.

Would Prostasol cause the PLATELATE to be low? I will have other blood work done in a couple of days i.e. testosterone and PAP. I am on a vegan diet and walk 4 to 5 miles per day. Going to bed it's 12:35 AM on 12-7. Later.

Best Regards,


Cocoa, Florida

Re: Re: Re: prostasol

Hi Charlie, we have a family history of DVT, Perhaps I should have been more aware? Just waiting for the results of my blood work, regards C

Re: Re: prostasol

Chris, I'm back. There has been a fair amount of discussion about the use of Prostasol and I'm still trying to find out more about it.
An update on my use of Prostasol: Started Prostasol on Nov. 17, 2007. After 3 days my PSA went down from 23.91 or there about to 12.31. (The record is not in front of me but these are close to the correct numbers.) My PSA continued to drop weekly until it got down to 0.31 on Feb 04,2008.

I had no history of blood clots at that time. On Feb. 11, 2008, I was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in the calf of my right leg. I was discharged yesterday on Feb. 18th and am now on 5 mg of warfarin.

Chris, you say you are on warfarin...are you also on prostasol or do you know of anyone that is on warfarin and prostasol? My Prostasol came from Mexico. I was in awe of the fast results I got with the fast reduction of my PSA. I do not know if the prostasol was the cause of the blood clot. I have been warned that the prostasol may cause thrombosis, blood clots. I have not given up on prostasol but have discontinued use until I get some more answers. I would be interested to know whether or not Ben Pfiefer's prostasol has any history of blood clots in his study?

Does anyone have any info on the use of warfarin and prostasol together? Many guys have had very good results with prostasol with no problems of blood clots. God Bless.

Charlie USA

Re: prostasol


If I were a betting man, I'd put a fair bit of cash on the fact that the ingredient that drops PSA levels as rapidly as that you have experienced is an estrogen compound such as diethylstilboestrol (DES)or estradiol.

If my guess is correct then the chance of your thrombosis being connected with the estrogen is very high - which is why these compounds can be so dangerous. Warfarin can be used to limit the chance of thrombosis, but it can be a very dangerous drug too and has to be managed carefully, with regular checks on the INR levels.

When my PSA hit 40.0 ng/ml and there was a suspicious lesion on my bone scane, I decided to bite the bullet and start some form of hormone therapy. I would have preferred to use diethylstilboestrol (DES) with the supervision of my oncologist, but he refused point blank, saying in his opinion that was too dangerous.

We finally reached an agreement to Zoladex three month depot under the supervision of the oncologist and my MD. My PSA of 42.0 ng/ml in August was 0.60 ng/ml last month aftwer two shots.