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Re: Re: Erectile Dysfunction

I started taking 50 mg of Viagara nightly the day of my surgery. The surgeon told me that the data from his patients showed that recovery of erectile function takes between 3 and 24 months. However, only 70% of his patients do get erections, and I suspect that has a lot to do with age, because we all lose some of that virility as we get older.

I was given the option of joining a research project where I would be assigned to penile injections or Viagara therapy. It required keeping diaries of all sexual attempts and returning to the doctor's office with my diary regularly. That regimen was not for me.

Six weeks after surgery, I am still waiting for the first erection, as is my wife. Fortunately, the nerves for orgasm are still working fine. In fact for some unknown reason better than before surgery. Why doesn't the literature tell men that the joy of sex is not forfeited after RP? I have not read musch discussin of this topic on the YANA site.

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Thanks for posting this piece. I'm now 6 months post surgery at Sloan Kettering and have been taking (although not always very religiously) my Viagra as perscribed by my surgeon - he gave me 100mg Viagra to be split into 4 for exactly the reason given by Dr Mulhall. My 6 month appt with my surgeon is next week, followed that afternoon by one with Dr Mulhall to discuss whether he feels I'm on track and whether there are other options.


Re: Re: Re: Erectile Dysfunction

I just had a Da Vinci robotic prostatectomy and my urologist prescribed viagra 100 mg for penile rehabilitation. My insurance company allows only 6 tablets for 90 days. Do you have any suggestions where I could buy them inexpensively - they cost $10 each at my local drugstore. I saw a website (Internet Drug News .com) that recommends some sites to buy from but I'm not sure if they can be trusted. Any thoughts from you or others who are using viagra will be appreciated.


Re: Erectile Dysfunction

I just ordered from

Viagra 100 are around fifty cents per pill.

They were highly recommended by members of forum. I have yet to receive them, but take a look at the website. People have been dealing with them for years.