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Re: Various information sites

Hi Bill,
Good to see you here. As you know, I had exactly the same problems as you had with Zoladex. After 17 months I was on my knees with tiredness like I'd never before experienced. I finally convinced my oncologist that lack of testosterone was destroying me.
I couldn't believe it when he rang me the day before my next jab was due and said he'd thought over what I'd said at the last meeting and was changing my meds to Casodex 150 immediately.
That was before Christmas 2006, and now, 6 months later my energy is buliding as every day passes. Testosterone is now finally climbing too, although still too low for my liking.
The thing is, Zoladex can take as long as 2 years to completely exit your system, so there was no instant improvement for me.
However, I feel so much better without those injections, and so far haven't had any side effects on the casodex 150.
It seems that there are a minority of us who suffer extremme fatigue on Zoladex, particularly when we've ALSO had 37 RT treatments.

Very Best Wishes,

Re: Re: Various information sites

Hi George,

Good to see that you are around all the wesites.

I have to see the uroligist tomorrow week and I will ask him about Casodex. I am sorely pissed off with Zoladex.

I don't know if you ever had a feeling/sensation - I cannot really describe it at the bottom of the spine toward the middle of the pelvis. It does not hurt but I feel as though something is there. I am going to ask him about it and see what he says.

I have to agree with a lot of our fellow sufferers comments that not all these docs are all that bright. Someone has to come bottom of the class! I have never put docs on a pedestal like the vast majority of folk in the UK as they have done no more than I have as far as education is concerned it is just that they are involved with the human body. Better to have a look around the internet and read what is going on and that is more than the so called specialists do!

Enough of my moaning.

Best regards

Bill Hunter
Carpe Diem

Re: Re: Various information sites


I never knew that about Zoladex, I was on it for 9 months along with the Casodex after a radical prostectomy and half way through that therapy I received 35 radiation treatments. I've was dead on my feet for about 8 months after the treatments ended and I still have bouts of fatigue even though 14 months have past. At least I have an explanation now. Thanks for the info.

All the best,
Rich L