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DORG - The Dachshund Magazine On-Line!
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Rescued Dogs are AWESOME!! ( I didn't even know her name, article)

I just finished reading the article on I didn't even know her name, and before I even finished the first 2 paragraphs I had tears streaming down my face. The story touched my heart and it really tugged on my heartstrings. I am a 3rd generation dachund owner, and I am the worlds biggest animal lover. And over the years I have gotten involved in trapping and catching cats and taking them to shelters. My mom loves to feed Strays and we are currently feeding 13 Kitties, they are all different ages but all from the same bloodline, we have been doing this for about 10 years now, and have found some good homes for some of them, even some of my family members have taken one or two,, and I even ended up with a kitten from the huge clan. But my real love is in the joy that I feel when I spend time with the two female dogs I have rescued. My first rescue was 3 years ago, I am from the Disneyland area of orange county, California and I had moved to Riverside in the summer of 2011. It gets in triple digits in the summertime there, I was renting a room in aJhouse there and the owner also had a single wide mobile home on his property and the people living in the mobile home had a male pom and a female rat terrier, well they mated and in mid July the puppies were born. It was extremely hot then and the dogs were in the yard in a dog igloo. And the puppy was a major runt and no bigger than a hamster was left in the doghouse to die or whatever and the kids that lived there were constantly torturing the poor pup. My heart just melted for that pup and I talked the owners into letting me have the pup, and to try to care for it properly, and they did. So I took that puppy and I ran with it. I came back to O.C and I gave that puppy a stable, loving home. I am very responsible and she got fixed and she got inoculated.she is now a healthy 3 year old, that can even do a few tricks. And in November my next door neighbor brought me a young Chiweenie. He came across her at a 7~11, he bought her a can of food and a bottle of water and as he drove away he looked in his rear view mirror and he just couldn't leave her there, and he thought of me cuz he knows of the volunteer work I do. I took her in and took care of her. I did everything humanly possible to try to find her home cuz she didn't look stray. I had no luck, and I became very attached to her and decided to keep her. On Sunday Dec. 22nd she became sick and she threw up 15 times that day, so I tried to get some financial help so I coups take her to the vet, I had just become unemployed 10 years on the job. I didn't find any financial help, and the next day she was fine. Then a couple days later she was throwing up again and this time not eating, so I called the vet, but I didn't have the copay. She is a pretty young and a very slim dog. And them on Friday December 27th around 5pm, my husband and I were laying in bed relaxing and watching t.v.and pooka started acting funny, and I told my husband, something isn't right with her, she was eating alot of grass and not eating food. And then all of a sudden she arched her back, lifted her head and I could see her digging her nails into the bed and she let out a painful yelp and about 15 minutes later she gave birth to (1) female puppy and we didn't even know she was pregnant. So we got a double dose of love and joy from this rescue. Rescues are awesome. I couldn't even imagine my life without my two or three greatest loves and they are so grateful, they just love you back, unconditionally. Mom and babyare doing great. And the two dogs are finally getting along. They are real jealous of each other. I wouldn't love my life any other way.