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Doxie behavior due to tasting blood?

I need help from anyone this has ever happened to, or anyone else that might be able to help me. We adopted a mini dachsund from a local pet adoption facility in Denver, CO two years ago. At that time they thought the dog was a year old. She has been amazing and sweet and an incredible dog until last month when she found a baby bunny and ate it. Right there on the living room floor. Yes we were home when it happend but we thought it was her stuffed rabbit dog toy she was playing with. The bloody carpet gave her away. A week later she must have found the same nest and ate a second baby bunny. Ever since then she has ripped apart our furniture, dug into the foundation of the house, ripped apart our yard, and ruined numerous expensive outdoor children's equipment because (I believe) she is looking for more bunnies to eat. I have been all over the internet reading behavior modification information and here is what I have done: 1)confined the dog to a leash and given her walks vs. letting her use the dog door to be outside unattended 2) ordered and give her daily doses of Composure to reduce anxiety (herbal pet product) 3) made her a sandbox of her own with treats buried and praised her for digging there, and 4) taken her with me in the car and given her extra love and attention. But guess - what? Nothing has made a difference. I feel like the dog has tasted blood and now she wants more. My vet thinks that the dormant genetic nature in her for hunting has been woken up and now we probably won't be able to turn it off again. Maybe I should find someone who hunts and wants a hunting dog? Make lemonade from lemons? Please help - I don't want to give her away but I also don't want her to be miserable and spend the rest of her life looking for something like more animals to eat. And fyi - the children were sick knowing their dog ate rabbits. Not a very kid friendly trait I guess! Thanks for any help you can give.