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DORG - The Dachshund Magazine On-Line!
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Dapple- New pups- Question

We are proud new owners of some pups! They are double dapple (Since the father is a black and tan dapple [his dad=dapple mom= red] and the mother is dapple as well [heritage unknown]). I know there can be many problems and such, but as of now they do seem healthy. Anyway, back to what I want to ask.

There are two that look like dapples, and one is a plain black and tan. Does the black and tan carry anything like what the other pups might being double dapples? And what should I be looking for in possible defects (i.e blindness/deafness)?

Sorry if this doesn't make sense, and I am pretty sure I can answer this myself with my plain knowledge of high school biology, but I would just love to make sure. =)

And please don't lecture me on double dapples. While my mom and I were away in Hawaii, her friend brought her female over and she happened to be in heat. Voila! She was pregnant when we got home. Yeah and I know get 'em fixed, but it is my mother's dog and yeah, it's hard to argue with her. =)