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dachshund w/ skin problem

Hi. Maybe someone has some advice. My 7 year old mini named JD has over the past few months developed an itching problem that seems to come and go. Sometimes he is fine and then almost instantly his belly, chest, the insides of his legs, and the underside of his neck get very itchy. It is so bad that he actually removes his own hair. His entire underside looks like someone shaved him. The vet doesn't know what it is, and it isn't contagious otherwise my other two dachshunds would have it also. JD has never been a real hairy doxie. As a puppy he had a full coat, but when he shed the puppy fuz the hair that grew in wasn't full, he's been mostly bald on his chest and ears since he was a puppy. Could it be a contact allergy to grass? We just moved and before this he has had minimal contact with it, but now if he is outside he is on grass. I switched his food thinking maybe he was allergic to the grain. JD now eats Natural Balance LID Potato and duck formula. He also gets a Pet Tab vitamin every night. Along with the skin problem he also has heart problems, could this be a contributor?Please feel free to send suggestions.

Re: dachshund w/ skin problem

I would suggust that you ask your vet for a pack of Clavamox. Give 1 pill twice a day for 7 days.

Re: dachshund w/ skin problem

My previous dachshund had the same symptoms as your describing. He was allergic to flea bites. It only took one flea to cause him to scratch. I used a cortizone spray and oatmeal baths along with flea treatment. Contact your vet first, but its probably just an allergy.