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Agreesive Playing

I have a 6 month mini and a 3 year old cat.

Mini and cat get along fine. . . chased each other around the house. Seemed to be having fun!

Now the mini seems to be somewhat agressive when playing with the cat. Constantly wants to be in his face, jumping on him and around him. Nipping playfully but sometimes it seems to get out of control. The cat swipes back at him (declawed) and nips mini in the back of the neck. Often the cat will pin the mini on his back side to control him

Cat doesn't seem to want to run or get away from the mini.

Is this behavior normal should we let it continue?

We havn't yet neutered the mini? Maybe that will help?

Re: Agreesive Playing

We had the same situation with our Doxy female, now 1 yr, 1 mo old. We have had her since she was only six weeks old, raising her with our (adult) cat. And, it went through the same exact behavior as what you have described here, and I found it rather amusing. Eventually, our Doxy ("Gretta") became increasingly aggressive with the cat, yet I continued to let her play with the cat, thinking that it is good exercise for her. HOWEVER, just a few weeks ago, the cat "nailed" Gretta with her very sharp claw right behind her nose, almost near her eye; and her claw was "stuck" in her nose with Gretta crying vehemently to be released. I had to physically remove the cat's claw. Not a very good sight to see. Since that time, I'm no longer letter her "play" with the cat, as all it would take is ONE time to catch Gretta in the eye. I love Gretta FAR TOO MUCH to take the risk of letting that happen and for her having only one eye for the rest of her life. It's best to keep dogs away from cats for this reason - period. Just my thoughts.

Re: Agreesive Playing

I failed to see that you cat was declawed. Scratch my former message.