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My dogs gone mad

Hello everyone.
I need help fast. My unspayed 3 yo lowrider has gotten VERY aggessive towards our 5yo Mini Yorkie in the last year. We have always kept plenty of food on the floor for them to eat at will. While we were at work. Never had any issues up until this past year. Now I feed them separatly. In the last week they have gotten into two fights. Food was not an issue. The Yorkie was just standing there when i let lowrider in from the yard. She just attacked her, unprevoked. Now I'm scared to death to leave them alone.My hands are getting bit to pieces from breaking them apart. It will kill me to give her up but I'm at my wits end. After I get them apart, they act as if nothing happened. We used to take them both to a Yorkie play group and Twinkie was so playful. Now she's unsociable and aggressive to other dogs, cats or any other animals. She loves people though. Adult and kids alike. I'm at a loss.

Thansk for looking,
KB akaTwinkies Dad

Re: My dogs gone mad

I forgot to mention, we were going to breed her but have since changed our minds. Would getting her spayed change her aggressiveness? Is it to late at almost 4 yo?

Thank You,