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excited urination

I just adopted an 8 month old male, long haired mini dachshund. He is neutered, crate trained and from what it appears so far, he is housebroken. He has been with me for about three weeks now and my only problem with him is that when I let him out of his crate in the morning, at noon and after work, he urinates on the floor a little bit before I have a chance to get his leash on to get him outside. I have tried to give him time to get over his excitement by ignoring him but then he just runs around and piddles all over the floor. He doesnt seem to do it at any other times when he is excited or when hes loose and put his leash on to take him out just when he is let out of his crate at those times. People keep telling me that he will most likely outgrow this but I dont want to ignore the behavior or keep doing something to unknowingly reinforce him to keep doing it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cure this behavior, thanks

Re: excited urination

Hi Erin,

Thank you for adopting your little pup.

Too bad you can't post pics. His problem does have a name it's called "Submissive Urination". Do a search on Google and you will come up with lots of info to help you through this. Also the good news is he may grow out of it, but you are wise to not want to wait just in case he doesn't...... One of my Doxie's had this problem and it took lots of time and patience to get her over it, so there is hope. Rather than me tell you how to do it I think it might be better if you were to read about it.

Here's a link that has many of the sites that I think will be helpful to you.

Another good link

Not much going on the DORG board, you might want to join a couple of Dachshund Websites if you have any more questions.

Keep working with your pup I know you will be able to correct this behavior. Good luck!

Re: excited urination

Excited urination and submissive urination are two very different problems.
When you ignore him, are you avoiding all eye contact and speech? My advice is to keep doing this - for at least 5-10 minutes or until you notice that he is losing his interest in you - then put the leash on and take him out (again without saying anything to him). Then praise him lavishly after he pees outside.
We've been battling the same thing with our young doxie; she'll be a year old in July and she is *almost* over her excited piddles.