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DORG - The Dachshund Magazine On-Line!
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Re: Re: puppy coloring

Hi Pat,

None of the colors and patterns matched up for this little guy. I am only getting the cost of the shots and wormings for these puppies. All but one has a home. I am waiting on a lady to call me back that helps place such puppies. I just want to make sure they get a good loving forever home. They have to have fenced yards and a kennel to keep them in if they are not at home. I care about these little guys. Thanks very much. I will try the other site.

Re: Re: Re: puppy coloring

Where are you located? Possibly there is a Dachshund Rescue Org near you. Or I can copy questions for you to screen potential guardians. You must have gotten them from a BYB. So sad, so many end up this way. I'm glad you care enough about them to help place them. Thank you!!