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puppy coloring

My dachshund had a litter of puppies one of the puppies is a chocolate color with black tips. Sort of like a black and tan but the chocolate is where the black is and the tan is black but not in all the tan areas. How would I register him? And is this an unusual color and pattern?

Re: puppy coloring

Hi Barb,

I'm not sure if we have many breeders that visit this adopt/rescue/lost board. There are breeders at the top of the page. Perhaps you can contact one of them and ask your question. Also in the left hand column it has Dachshund Colors & Patterns maybe you can find your answer there.

The Hot Dog Blog might be another place to present your question. There are some breeders on that board. Do not advertise to sell your puppies, that is definitely not allowed but I'm sure they will take your questions.

Good luck, if you can't find anyone to help you let me know and I'll check further.

Re: Re: puppy coloring

Hi Pat,

I got these two dogs from a breeder. She was going to take them to a shelter because she was finished with them. The female was already pregnant. She gave me their papers to prove they were pure breed. I told her I was going to get them fixed so I didn't need them. Then when I took her to the vet he said she was already pregnant. I am just registering the puppies on a spay / neuter contract. After they are spayed or neutered they can register them if they want to. I love these dogs. They are very sweet and don't deserve to end up in a shelter. I have found homes for all of them but one. Thanks for the information and your time.

Re: Re: puppy coloring

Hi Pat,

None of the colors and patterns matched up for this little guy. I am only getting the cost of the shots and wormings for these puppies. All but one has a home. I am waiting on a lady to call me back that helps place such puppies. I just want to make sure they get a good loving forever home. They have to have fenced yards and a kennel to keep them in if they are not at home. I care about these little guys. Thanks very much. I will try the other site.

Re: Re: Re: puppy coloring

Where are you located? Possibly there is a Dachshund Rescue Org near you. Or I can copy questions for you to screen potential guardians. You must have gotten them from a BYB. So sad, so many end up this way. I'm glad you care enough about them to help place them. Thank you!!