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Re: Re: Strange behaviour after being spayed- minature dachshund

Well Andy it's looks like you've answered your own question. It did sound like a false pregnancy, I've never experienced that with any of my spays. Her milk should be drying up soon. I'm wondering if keeping her couped up in a crate might have brought the milk in. ??? Just a thought. I've never kept any of my spays or neuters in a crate for 10 days, that doesn't seem right to me. We tell our clients not to rough house and no jumping or running, normal walking etc is fine. If she bothers her sutures you can put an E-collar on her.

Leaving a female or male intact may cause future serious health problems. So I'm glad you had Mitzie spayed, she will now have a long, healthly happy life.

I'm sure Mitzie is going to be very happy after her sutures are out this weekend and she will get back to being your sweet little girl. Good luck!

Re: Re: Re: Strange behaviour after being spayed- minature dachshund

Thanks Patt, I appreciate it. Back in the Fall she kept having one infection after another it seemed and would vomit at times (many times just clear, but occasionally her food). We took her to the vet and he would give her medication for her stomach, and antibiotics for a urine infection. We took her back in a few weeks and he said the urine infection had not sufficently cleared (though it was better) and he gave her another really strong antibiotic. She seemed better for a month or so, but then the vomiting started again a few weeks back. That was when we took her back to vet, and he showed us where she had an infection in her teats(sort of thick milky substance). So he gave her more antibiotics and 2 hots, and said bring her back in 4 days, and if she was well enough he would do a ovariohysterectomy (spay her)(sorry about my spelling!). So we did that, and she was well enough for the surgery. So, knowing she is an active lady, likes to climb, etc...we got a few sedation pills to keep her calm. Vet said, only give sedation if necessary, but she needs to lie still 10 days. So I bought a crate. We let her out supervised several times during the day. After 5 days of that it seemed too restrictive to us also, and her stitches looked good, so we let her out of crate. Around that time was when she started freaking out, panicky, deep crying, anxious, pacing, was like she had a different personality, and she carried her rubber squeak toy with her everywhere in her mouth while crying and she was shaking. We were freaking out then! But then when I read about similar situations of 'false pregnancy' ..someone else said their dog had tried to nurse a tennis shoe, and had other symptoms like Mitzie's we calmed down a bit. She seems better now, less crying, and is able to sleep by herself on the couch again...her old self seems to be slowly coming back. Also her swelling seems to be going down as well. We go to vet tomorrow.
Thank you Patt for caring and for responding to the questions that people ask. I hope you have a good week, God Bless. Andy

Re: Re: Re: Re: Strange behaviour after being spayed- minature dachshund

Wow, little Mitzie has been though alot recently. I'm glad to hear she's doing better today. Sending good thoughts for tomorrow's vet visit.

This is really a slow discussion forum. If you want to learn more and talk about Doxies visit The Hot Dog Blog. You don't have to join unless you want to participate.

Have a great weekend.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Strange behaviour after being spayed- minature dachshund

Thanks again Patt. Last short entry here, went to vet and explained whole deal to him, and he was not overly worried, he said it had been brought on because of the surgery and sudden stop/or change or hormones. Also, a lady in the lobby overheard me telling the receptionist, and she said the same exact thing had happened to her own Dachshund when they had her spayed at age 2. She said symptoms lasted about a week and then she was fine.
Doctor said he saw a 'hot spot' on her chest and told us to put neosporin ointment on it, and he gave us an 'elizabethan collar' (looks like a mega phone) to put on Mitzie's head to keep her from licking the hot spot. Her stitches came out and she is fine. She really seems to be getting back to herself now. Thanks again for the support, have a great weekend.
God BLess,Andy

Re: Strange behaviour after being spayed- minature dachshund

We had a dachsie do this 8 yrs ago. We got her from a breeder along with her two puppies. After the puppies were weaned and old enough to be spayed and nuetered we took all three in to be "fixed" Two days later April was trying to get her two five month old puppies to nurse. It did resolve after about a week and a half.

Re: Re: Strange behaviour after being spayed- minature dachshund

Thanks for sharing...I am glad others have experienced this with their dogs, and it worked out. Mitzie seems to be back to her old self now, and we are thankful. All her swelling has gone down and she seems frisky again. A week's time really made a big difference for her in this area. Thanks!