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Re: Re: Strange behaviour after being spayed- minature dachshund

Well Andy it's looks like you've answered your own question. It did sound like a false pregnancy, I've never experienced that with any of my spays. Her milk should be drying up soon. I'm wondering if keeping her couped up in a crate might have brought the milk in. ??? Just a thought. I've never kept any of my spays or neuters in a crate for 10 days, that doesn't seem right to me. We tell our clients not to rough house and no jumping or running, normal walking etc is fine. If she bothers her sutures you can put an E-collar on her.

Leaving a female or male intact may cause future serious health problems. So I'm glad you had Mitzie spayed, she will now have a long, healthly happy life.

I'm sure Mitzie is going to be very happy after her sutures are out this weekend and she will get back to being your sweet little girl. Good luck!

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