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Strange behaviour after being spayed- minature dachshund

Hi, I wondered if anyone might have experienced this with their own dog or had any information. We have taken our dog to her vet about 8 times in the last 6 months, and it was determined that infections were coming from her ovaries and uterus, and medication only seemed to correct the issue for a short while. We recently had our 4 year old female minature (10 lbs) dachshund, Mitzie spayed at the Vet's suggestion. A week later she is crying, whining, and carrying around her two squeak toys everywhere...and holds them in her mouth and crys. She tries to bury them in the cover on the couch also. Most recently she took them both under the couch. We are wondering if she thinks these are her babies? or if it has something to do with her being spayed recently. She is very clingy too. She also has milk in her and we called the Vet about that and he said it was normal not to worry due to the spaying. We return to the Vet this weekend and of course I will ask him also, but this behaviour has just been unusual and strange for her. The only other difference in her environment is that she has been kept in a crate (adequate & comfortable in size for her weight and she can turn around okay, etc.) the past week or so since her surgery to protect her stitches because the doctor said she needed to lay very still for 10 days (like, how is that possible, but we have been trying!) Thanks for any similar experience or advice anyone has with their dachshund. We are crazy about our dog and we are going to ask the vet all of this also when we take her to get her stitches out this weekend. Thanks for your time. Andy

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