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Re: Dachshund Vomiting

So sorry I'm late on this. This is an extremely slow board and any emergency type situations you should call an emergency vet immediately.

Vomiting all night and day is quite serious. Did you get him to the vets and is he okay?

Re: Re: Dachshund Vomiting

Hi Patt, This was the first time I posted on the website and yes, it is slow. We took Sam to the vet on Monday. He was allergic to the shot they had given him on Saturday and that is why he was vomiting all weekend. The vet gave him another shot to calm his stomache and some liquid to coat his stomache. He is off all meds now until he settles down. He has been eating again (what dachshund doesn't eat -- that's a benchmark to how healthy they are, I think) and he seems his perky self again. Just have to take care of his back and be sure he doesn't try to jump around. We actually have him in a port-a-crib at night so he doesn't jump around while we sleep. He seems to enjoy sleeping in that. Thank you so much for your interest. We had one dachshund who was in a wheelchair for two years so I am very nervous when it comes to their backs.

Re: Re: Re: Dachshund Vomiting

Hi Delores,

Glad to hear Sam is doing okay.

My reply was so long... I sent you an e-mail