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Getting a little sister for our 2 year old doxie

My husband and I just picked out a new little sister for our two year old doxie. Little worried on what affect this might have on her. She really doesn't like other dogs, other than barking at them she isn't aggressive towards other dogs, just doesn't like them and prefers humans. We've made plans for the neutral location introduction, etc. Just wondering what your experiences have been with introducing a puppy to the resident queen bee. Ourhope is that it will make her a happier dog in the long run, are my husband and I crazy for thinking this?

Re: Getting a little sister for our 2 year old doxie

Wow I really don't know how your little Queen Bee is going to react. If your dog doesn't like other dogs what made you think a puppy would make her happy? Unfortunately she may tire of all the puppy antics that goes on for several months. I would not leave them unsupervised at any time!! Go easy and don't try to rush things, this may take a long time for things to settle in and she may only tolerate the other pup and never be really friendly. On the other hand it may turn out entirely different so you never know. If you do have problems, I would suggest contacting a behaviorist to help you through the rough spots.

Good luck!

Re: Re: Getting a little sister for our 2 year old doxie

I should re-phrase - she doesn't like the neighbors dogs who are all big labs and constantly barks at them when they walk by the house. I think it's a combination of fear and mood swings because sometimes she'll cry like she's being attacked if they come close to her, other times she tolerates them but jumps back anytime they make a quick move. If we hold her she's fine and doesn't make a peep.

She's also interacted with my brother's beagle pup, and didn't show aggression towards her - she just let her know she was the boss. They spent a weekend together and got along fine. They would play together, but then Sassy also let the puppy know when she had enough and wanted alone time and she would go lay down on her blanket. So I know she can adjust and make friends with a puppy but she's never had to do it in her own house.

We're planning on introducing them on neutral ground and then we'll keep the puppy crated in an area of the house that isn't frequented by Sassy and only let them be together under supervision. We are prepared for it to take a couple of weeks to months before they're settled in the roles.

We want to get a puppy now because we know Sassy has a whole lot of play left in her. We see it when my sister's kids are around her and when she interacted with my brother's pup. She seems so sad after they leave. We also want her to get use to not being the only child. My husband and I hope to bring home a two legged baby in the next year or so, and our thinking is that if she learns to accept a new puppy, it will make it easier to accept a new human baby.

Are we totally crazy in our reasoning?

Re: Re: Re: Getting a little sister for our 2 year old doxie

I have three Dachshund of my own and just took in a 5 month old rescue/foster little boy. (ya 4 wieners!)
I did not have any warning that I would bring home another dog so my first night was a little rough. By the time I got home with him it was almost 10:00 pm! Poor Tucker would move or try to get under the covers and my three would just attack! Never drawing blood or anything but they let him know he was the low boy on the pole! Needless to say he stayed right next to me all night! At least he slept!
The first day I kept my three in one crate and Tucker in his own right in front of them. They could smell and watch without any harm. That first real night with them all my boyfriend and I took them all on a long walk after work. They were all so tired when they got home they all ended up sleeping together. It was awesome!
So a neutral area is a good idea and be sure to take them both on a walk (if possible since puppy cannot get too exposed) Even if it is only walking your older dog it will mellow her out!
They do occasionally put him in his place but they are 2 and a 1/2 Male, 2 year old female and a 1 year old female. So he is just a puppy to train in their eyes!
Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions. I have been taking in rescues and aggressive dogs for years!

Re: Re: Re: Getting a little sister for our 2 year old doxie

Wow, I'm glad you cleared that up.....

Looks like you'll do fine in getting a pup. Just remember to do intros slow and be sure to give them separate down times. I know when I brought a pup into the home the older dog got tired of all the puppy foolishness so they needed separate places to rest.

Here are a couple of links that might be helpful. Make sure the pup has her own crate, toys and food bowl etc.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.