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Defacation in crate

My 4 year old mini has taken to pooping in her crate most every day. Nothing has changed in her environment. She just seems to not want to do it outside where she has ample time and space. She will poop then cover it up with her bedding and if the bedding is still in the wash she will push it out of her crate. Any ideas on how to stop this from occurring?? I have already decreased the size of her crate yet she still poops where she sleeps.

Re: Defacation in crate

Here's a link that may help you.

And here's another link for a very good Doxie board with lots of partcipation.

Good luck!

Re: Re: Defacation in crate

thanks for the links, I will check them both out asap.

Re: Re: Re: Defacation in crate

our almost 6 month old does not stay in a crate. He stays with me at all times. He will urinate outside 99% of the time, however he will poop outside 1% of the time. I have tried everything. Any ideas.