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DORG - The Dachshund Magazine On-Line!
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Senior Doxies

I am curious?? How many of you would adopt a senior Doxie? I have a pair here in my rescue who are totally wonderful and yet people want nothing to do with them because they are older. (they are 10 yr old brothers) I think they don't realize that these dogs are potty trained, well mannered, healthy and still active, good with children fun loving lap warmers. I guess everyone seems to want that puppy who will chew up your shoes and pee all over your house.
Please help me get the word out how wonderful these special seniors are. Thank you and God Bless,
Harmony Hounds Rescue-VA

Re: Senior Doxies

You are SO right! We adopted Molly from our local SPCA after an urgent call from their vet. She was on her last hour and needed a forever home immediately. She was skinny and most of her teeth were rotting but she was full of love and ready to give it to everyone! Well, three years later, I can honestly say that of our four rescued doxies, she has the most loving personality! We don't know exactly how old she is- the vet guesses around 10- but once brought back to health and with lots of love and exercise, she easily keeps up with her brothers and sister! She even bosses around all the big dogs at the dog park! You can read all about her at Molly D's Doxies on Dogster. Don't be afraid to adopt a senior. I really think they know how lucky they are to be with you and show their appreciation every day! Anybody else have a senior story?

Re: Re: Senior Doxies

Adopted female mini at 6, now 9. Best dog we've ever had. Just adopted 2 four year old's. I would adopt 10 year old's in a heart beat, provided in good health. Older dogs very much appreciate a good home. Usually spayed/neutered, housetrained and don't chew everything. Older dogs are treasures!