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housebreaking puppy

I have a 6 month old mini. He was doing great with going to the bathroom outside. (He is completely crate trained, can stay in there for 8-9 hours without an accident) Anyway, for the past two weeks, he keeps pooping in my dining room. He will go outside to pee and play but when he comes in he goes to the bathroom in my dining room! (at least they are hardwood floors!) Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!

Re: housebreaking puppy

Remember he's only 6 months old and may have slipped a little in his potty habits. I would say this will probably happen until he is a year old. You are very lucky if he's housetrained by 6 months, they usually take much longer. Has there been a change in your household? Even a slight one would make a difference. Possibly his routine was changed and that's why he's pottying in the home. I suggest you go back to housetraining 101 to refresh his memory. Good luck.