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short keel? puppy looks like a ferret

Ok, we just got this puppy basically to save its life. It was way under fed, skin and bones, no body mass just in bad shape. The vet seems to think he will be fine give him two weeks to gain some weight. We also thought he might have worms so we treated him but have not seen any.

Anyway, my question is this. He does not have that barrel chest like our other doxies do. His is flat. he has thin shoulders and his belly is bigger than his chest area. Besides being full of food, NOW.

Just wondering if there is any information on a short keel or if you know anything that can help me out. I can send you a picture privately if you want to see him. Also, his color on his papers is wild boar. I am wondering if that is accurate or not.

Re: short keel? puppy looks like a ferret

Where did you buy your pup? Why do you think he's not Wild Boar?

Not having seen your pup but I would tend to agree with your vet about filling out in the chest area. As you stated he was underfed and very thin when you got him. After several months of proper feeding, exercise and TLC I'm sure he will round out like every other Doxie. He just needs time. Good luck!