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DORG - The Dachshund Magazine On-Line!
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dachshund dimensions

I'm making a costume as a surprise to a friend and her dachshund, but being a cat person myself, I have no idea about how big to make it. I know that he is considered to be a standard, rather than a miniature. I think he weighs 30-35 pounds.

I am making it as adjustable as possible by using velcro but I need some general ideas of a couple of measurements.

I need to know 1. how long the average dog is from the base of its neck (at the collar) to the base of its tail 2. how tall (back to floor) and 3. how big around at the biggest point of its body.

I know all dogs are different, but if someone could give me a range of what is average, it would really help with my surprise.


Re: dachshund dimensions

Sorry I wish I could help. Your friends dog is quite a big boy. My Doxies are 11 & 12#. I would suggest you join The Hot Dog Blog (THDB) and ask your question there. Or, possibly check the the dog trainers, breeders or kennels in your area maybe they can answer your question. Good Luck!