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Help-Suture Chewing

I just had my 7 year old female spayed last Tuesday the 14th of August. Since then she has gone back to the vet twice to have stapled sutures replaced because she keeps chewing them out. We've put a cone on her head, didn't work, now we've resorted to dressing her in Onesies. She is still trying to get at them...We constantly have to sit and watch her and now are taking her to puppy day care while we're at work. Has anyone had this happen? Is there some sort of keep away topical solution that's available?? Please help me! As much as I love her I'm going stir crazy just sitting in the house watching her all the time...

Re: Help-Suture Chewing

I just had one of my girls spayed and she did fine with a cone. Although she had disolving sutures not staples. Possibly the staples are causing the problem, I would think they would be quite irritating. Also is the cone the right size? Sounds like it could be on the short side. Perhaps a mild tranquilizer would help. What does your vet say?

Please let me know how she's doing.

Re: Re: Help-Suture Chewing

She's actually doing much better. We ended up dressing her in 0-3 month Onsies, they worked like a charm and they are soooo cute! Yesterday was Dora's first day without a cone or a Onsie while she was in her crate. All went well! She and her roommate Toby (the first mini-doxie we adopted)were able to hang out in the garage together today when I went back to work after lunch. It's great! We missed our little jumping bean.