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Strange behavior

I have a three year old Dachshund, "Meyer." Every six months or so he exhibits this odd behavior. He is very uncomfortable and cries, and needs to be very near my husband or I. We have taken him to ER vets in the middle of the night on about 4 occasions. Each time, he will not exhibit this behavior while there and, on one evening I returned to the ER vet a second time in the same night. He has had x-rays of his stomach, palpations of his back to ensure it is not a disc problem, his anal glands regularly expressed, etc. Subsequent to these occasions, he has seen his regular vet and they, too, have found nothing wrong with Meyer. I have thought that it is a possible digestive problem and given him milk of magnesia. Last night he had another episode at 1:00 a.m. I gave him milk of magnesia and a sedative and he woke up this morning with his tennis ball in his mouth, ready to play. About an hour ago his crying/whining began again. I have no idea what to do. This stresses me out greatly, as Meyer is like our child. Has anyone ever heard of such thing or experienced something similar?

Re: Strange behavior

What does your vet say about this behavior? Since he has been examined and nothing appears to be wrong physically possibly it is mentally. When he does this I would try to remember what you have done earlier in the day or evening and write it down, possibly you can pin point what is triggering him to act this way. Could he be "playing" you. Are you and your husband leaders in your home. Or does your little one rule the roost? Has he gone through obedience training?

I would not give him milk of magnesia and/or a sedative or anything else unless you know what is causing him to act this way.

Please discuss in detail with your vet or a certified animal behaviorist.

Re: Re: Strange behavior

Hi, I wondered if you had found at any more information on your little dog's behaviour? We have a 4 year old miniture female, Mitzie, and she recently was spayed at the Vet's suggestion. A week later she is crying, whining, and carrying around her two squeak toys everywhere...and holds them in her mouth and crys. We are wondering if she thinks these are her babies? or if it has something to do with her being spayed recently. She is very clingy too. We return to the Vet this weekend and of course I will ask him also, but this behaviour has just been unusual and strange for her. The only other difference in her environment is that she has been kept in a crate (adequate in size for her weight and she can turn around okay, etc.) the past week or so since her surgery to protect her stitches because doctor said she needed to lay still.
I hope your own pup is better by now. Thanks, Andy