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dog food

I changed my 2 doxies food to a "fit & trim" low fat (Science diet and/or Iams), but they seem to have more stools - is this common with a low fat dry dog food? Should I mix a low fat/regular food together? They also get a couple mini carrots a day - ususally no more than 3 each. Has anyone else had this pooping problem with a low fat dog food?

Re: dog food

I would feed a better quality food and less of it instead of Fit & Trim and Iams. The amount you feed is important also; never go by what’s on the bag. You don’t say how much your two puppers weigh. Also plenty of exercise helps them reduce in weight.

I have an 11# female and 12# male. I feed a little less than 1/3 cup twice a day. I feed Innova or Wellness brands. I use small bits of canned green beans (no salt added) for filler if they need to lose weight. Also I add a small teasp of 100% PURE pumpkin for fiber. Remember carrots are high in sugar so feed sparingly and partially cooked so they can be digested easily. I feed twice a day and they also eliminate twice.

Iams is not the best food to feed, see this link

And this one

Animals fed extremely cheap food made with low-quality grains and grain by-products and animal by-products will pass three or more stools per day. This is in the 2nd para of the link below.

Check out this site to see now nutrition and digestibility works.

For better foods please and many helpful tips see

Good luck!

Re: Re: dog food

I have a 5-6 yr old male who weight a little less than 11 lbs & he get 2/3 cup dry w/a little wet once a day. Our 4 yr old female weighing about 8 lbs get a little less than 1/3cup w/wet 2X a day. Both are rescue dogs/male we've had for 18 months-female since June this year. The male poops usually 2-3X a day/the female 3-4X a day, both get the same food. I was surprised by the info on dry dog foods & will look into "Chicken Soup", Artemis or Innova. I do feed them 2 mini-carrots a day, but may try some canned salt-free green beans instead. I'm not worried about their weight, just the nutrition. Thanks again for the info.

Re: Re: Re: dog food

I wonder if the wet food could be making them eliminate more... If you are feeding top of the line food they should be getting all the nutrition they need. If you feel they might need more, you could give a complete daily vitamin-mineral supplement.