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flaky dry skin

any one have troubles with flaky dry skin?
we've tried everything and all the dachshund owners i've talked to said they have the same problem. just brush regularly and a good diet..but it's still there.
any help would be appreciated.

Re: flaky dry skin

Sometimes just changing your dog’s food can make a big improvement. Here’s a link for top grade dog food.

You don’t say how old your dog is. If she’s an adult it’s possible she may have a thyroid problem, which at times can cause skin problems among other things. A flea(s) can also be a problem to the skin, especially if she’s allergic to them. To be certain as to what you are dealing with I would suggest an exam by your vet. Hopefully the dry skin can be helped by a simple change in diet and adding oil to the food.

I feed Innova or Wellness brands dog food. I also add Grizzly Salmon oil on their food. Some people use fish oil capsules and are very happy with them.

Here is a couple of links for shampoo and a spray on conditioner. I have used both with good results. Oatmeal based shampoos are also great for the skin.

I hope this has been helpful. Good luck!!